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LaunchJoy’s mission is simple - Harness the power of Chromia to give games the necessary tools and assistance to grow their player base and thrive in the crypto world.

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Sergii Novozhylov

Project leader


In the current market, players are cautious about investing their time and money into blockchain based gaming. Due to this, small companies often lack the resources to effectively develop and advertise their products. LaunchJoy exists to provide the tools and support to these companies in order to expand the Chromia ecosystem and promote healthy growth within the blockchain gaming industry. Connecting like-minded people can work wonders, and we are here to become the hub that brings the Chromia gaming community together.

With us you can


Expand your player base

Offer NFT discounts to active users, attract new players through cross-game staking, and organize crossover campaigns with other games and metaverses in the Chromia ecosystem.


Become stable in the crazy crypto world

Use our turnkey solutions to offer floor price guarantees on NFT sales, introduce a stabilized in-game currency or remove your project’s reliance on centralized hosting.


Get help

With over 10 years of experience in the crypto landscape, our team is ready to provide legal, marketing, and development assistance to both new and existing gaming and metaverse projects.


Platform features



POINTs are an internal currency for use on the LaunchJoy platform. Points can be used to enter lotteries or receive special discounts and other promotions. The POINTs system is designed to reward the most active users within the Chromia ecosystem.


Sales Auctions

Users bid with POINTs to compete for the right to purchase discounted mystery boxes. Only players in the list of highest bidders receive the right to purchase discounted boxes. Be sure to check the list from time to time and adjust your bid as needed!


Sales Raffles

Use POINTs to enter a raffle. Raffle winners earn the right to purchase discounted mystery boxes. The more points are added, the greater chance you have of being selected. However, every person who enters has some chance of winning!


Floor price guarantees

NFT sales on LaunchJoy will include a mechanic which allows buyers to receive partial refunds on their purchases based on predetermined conditions. These ‘guarantees’ make it easier for teams to successfully complete NFT sales and keep interests aligned between players, collectors, and game developers.



LaunchJoy will promote collaboration across the Chromia ecosystem by facilitating crossover promotions and allowing new games to ‘piggyback’ on the user base of existing games.


NFT staking

Our NFT staking interface will allow users to stake single NFTs or sets of NFTs to receive additional rewards from across the ecosystem.


In-game currencies

Our pre-built token model will allow any game to offer their own in game currency that is algorithmically regulated based on in game usage and supply and demand. The model is designed to reduce price volatility, making it easier for new and existing players to participate in the game world.


My Neighbor Alice

Join the charming multiplayer builder and farming blockchain game, My Neighbor Alice. Buy a plot in the Lummelunda Archipelago and start fishing, beekeeping, creating and collecting NFTs, and making friends! Perfect for NFT collectors and traders looking for a challenging and rewarding experience.


Mines of Dalarnia

Journey into Mines of Dalarnia, a fun space adventure game. Dig deep for gems, conquer challenging missions, and build your wealth. It's a thrilling ride with each mission tougher than the last!


Chain of Alliance

Explore the world of Chain of Alliance, an exciting and engaging strategy game. Create and collect unique NFT characters, each one customizable to your style. Dive into captivating story campaigns powered by smart AI, or challenge other players in thrilling battles and become the boss of your own battle arena. It's a world full of fun, strategy, and endless possibilities!